Pacipixy® Organic Cotton Comforter

      • PaciPixy is made from soft organic cotton, for your baby’s comfort and to keep the pacifier close.

        Safe, soft comforter and a sweet little friend for your baby’s playtime or when on the go.

        PaciPixy’s arm have knots that are easy to grab and chew.

        The flexible loop of Natursutten pacifier stretches easily over PaciPixy’s arm and attaches without clips, buttons etc. keeping it a safe and soft addition; easy to hold on to and easy to find.

        This toy doubles as a comforter and soother holder. It helps even small babies to hold on to their soother, without having to attach anything to their clothing. As baby outgrows the pacifier, PaciPixy®continues to be a soft and soothing friend.

        Made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton

      • - 100% organic GOTS certified cotton
        - Machine washable at 30℃
        - Made in Europe to meet European safety standards and work ethics


      • Why Organic For Baby?

        Using organic cotton keeps baby's environment safe and non-toxic during their most crucial developmental years. Organic cotton is the best and most luxurious material to have around your baby! Organic cotton is comfortable, warm, breathable and very rarely the cause of allergies. It also protects your baby against all of the harmful effects of synthetic materials or chemically treated cotton.