Cornflower Bees Blue Swaddle Blanket

      • 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. Designed to provide a comfy and breathable layer that will keep your baby comfortable all night long.

        - Massive 110 x 110cm makes it super versatile
        - Luxuriously soft and breathable
        - Perfect for swaddling newborns
        - Naturally hypoallergenic
        - Toxic-free helps protect baby's sensitive and thin skin from rashes and allergies
        - Use it alternatively as a nursing/pram cover, blanket, cot sheet or play mat

        Note: Swaddling can keep baby from being disturbed by their own startle reflex, keeping little one calm and reassured and helps your newborn feel warm and secure as if they were cocooned in the womb.

      • Organic cotton has longer, softer and less brittle fibers resulting in a luxuriously durable fabric which produces garments at the height of comfort and wearability.

        - Machine wash in cold water or hand wash
        - Gentle cycle
        - Do not tumble dry or bleach