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Natursutten Bottle Nipple Fast Flow (From 6 Months)

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2 nipples for baby bottles from the exact same as the Natursutten pacifiers.

Produced in Italy for the Natursutten baby bottle. The nipple is made from pure natural rubber milk with a Y shaped hole securing a fast flow. Fits most bottles with “regular neck”.

Recommended use for babies from 6 months and up.

The Natursutten® nipple is produced in Italy from natural rubber milk and complies with all European regulations EN1400/14350 and CPSIA. Free of any harmful chemicals. Instructions for use is in the packing.

Contains: 2 bottle-nipples, Fast flow

Why should I buy a glass bottle over a plastic or metal one?
Glass is the safer choice for baby bottles: Unlike plastic, it can’t leach chemicals into milk or juice (including BPA/BPS). Unlike plastic, it doesn’t scratch—and scratches can harbor bacteria. Glass is also the greener choice: It’s reusable and recyclable—plastic bottles typically end up in landfills when their useful life is over. Finally, with glass there’s no unpleasant plastic or metallic taste.

Where are Natursutten bottles and components made?
The all-natural rubber nipples, along with the plastic ring, cap, seal, and anti-colic double-valve, are all made exclusively in Italy. Our borasilicate glass bottles are made in France. The plastic parts are all made from PP with is short for polypropylene. We continuously search new options as we to aim at being as plastic free, ecofriendly and biodegradable as possible but so far this is the best we can do.

They are “thermal shock-resistant.” What does this mean?
“Thermal shock-resistant” means the glass is stronger and can withstand extreme temperature-changes (from boiling to freezing) without breaking. Our bottles are made with pharmaceutical-grade borosilicate glass, which is more expensive, purer, and higher-quality than most glass baby bottles, which are made with soda lime. For mothers who pump and store breast milk, our bottles can go from freezer to refrigerator to hot water, all in one step.

Do Natursutten bottles have a venting system?
Yes, our bottles have an anti-colic “double-valve” designed to ensure a more even milk-flow and prevent colic and gas—making feeding go more smoothly.

Does Natursutten sell more than one nipple flow?Our nipples are available in two types: Slow-Flow and Fast-Flow, both sold separately in 2-packs.

Will other nipples fit this bottle?
Yes, any standard-size nipple will fit on our bottle. However, wide-neck nipples will not fit.