Wooden Stroller Toys

      • Tie to a stroller, car seat, bassinet, Moses basket, crib, or baby gym! Perfect for a baby shower gift or nursery decoration.

        If you've never heard of a "pram garland" before, these beaded toys are popular in Australia and the UK. Pram (stroller) garlands are the perfect way to give your babe something to see, hear, and touch while adding some style while you're out and about.

        Natural, unfinished beech wood beads and rings are tied with cotton cord. Tie to a stroller, pram, bassinet, Moses basket, car seat, or baby gym (or anything they can be secured to) to give little hands something to keep busy with.

      • Simply tie the cord ends together around a handle in a bow for easy removal.

      • Please remember that loose beads and/or small parts may pose choking hazard for small children or infants. Do not leave children unattended while under or around this beaded toy.