A Million Ways to Micro

Photo by @jennieguenard

We created the Micro primarily as a diaper mat. But then someone used it as a pet mat, and someone else as a placemat, and we realized, hey, this thing is pretty versatile.

Now it's officially our "everything mat" -- the keep-in-your-purse-at-all-times size because you’ll be surprised how often you need it.
Not sure how you'd use a Micro mat? We asked our customers how they use theirs, and got a million ideas (or, close enough). 

Your Favorite Ways To Use Micro:

1: Under the humidifier in winter—protects the wood and makes it look cute.
2: Under my laundry detergent so if it drips it doesn't get all over.
3: On the nightstand! Cuter than a coaster and brings some interest to decor.
4: Over the top of my changing pad.
5: Covering up light-colored fabric chairs in the dining room to protect from stains.
6: As a potting mat for our flowers and plants.
7: A way to corral my perfume bottles on my vanity.
8: To put cell phons/tablets on near an outlet for a charging station.

9: To cover gross airplane table trays when flying with my babe.
10: As a placemat in restaurants for babies who like to eat with their fingers.
11: To create a little pumping station when I'm at work! Keeps the area clean and also makes a cute little space for me while I store up milk for my son.
12: On the hotel bathroom countertop for makeup. I leave it out to make it feel more like home when I'm away.


13: Under our car seat to protect the upholstery.
14: To sit on when the leather seats get too hot.
15: My sister-in-law stuck hers in the window of her car as a sun shield!

16: Prep area for cooking/chopping fruits & veggies.
17: Under our coffee maker.
18: On the counter to unload dishes, so it's not so loud.
19: Under cutting boards for extra grip.
20: Rice cooker mat! That thing splatters like crazy.
21: Under a cooling rack for cookie crumbs.
22: Game night 'charcuterie board' on our glass table.
23: Under our table centerpiece of a vase and flowers.

24: Under our dog's crate to protect my wood floor.
25: For my four-legged child (aka the dog) to sit on when he rides in the car.
26: Under our dog's food and water bowl.


27: To kneel on while weeding.
28: To sit on when the park benches are wet.
29: For protecting little legs/bums from hot summer slides.
30: Folded in each of our sports bags so we don't have to sit on cold bleachers.
31: For drying herbs and flowers. I can move that mat around or even fold it with things inside, then easily slide all the dried leaves and petals into a jar.

32: At our nail clipping/filing/polishing station.
33: On my daughter's table to paint and use play dough.
34: My toddlers love to lay them out and play "hop" (hopscotch) on them.
35: We play Yahtzee on it when the baby is sleeping so the dice aren't loud!
36: It's our puzzle mat!