It seemed we were always trying to protect our babies from the floor or the floor from our babies. Mini is our answer to both. 

Its super-soft wipeable surface provides a safe space for tummy time at home, in the yard, or on the go. It also makes mealtimes much easier—simply shake off food, wipe down, let dry, and reuse.

Of course those aren’t the only uses for Mini—we asked our customers their fave ways to use this size, and got a million responses (or close enough).

She may be mini, but she sure packs a punch!


Your Favorite Ways To Use Mini:

At Home:
1: Under our potty seat in the bathroom!
2: As a mattress protector under my toddler's sheets (especially when we're at someone else's house)
3: Under the chair when I cut my husband's hair.
4: It's the perfect tablecloth for our kiddie table, now that it's grown up from the high chair
5: I use it to flat dry my delicates on after washing them.
6: It's the one dust-free spot in our house while we are renovating!
7: On my rug so my little one doesn't destroy it with spit up.
8: We've used it to move/slide furniture without scratching the floor.

9: It’s our tummy time mat while traveling—protects from germs on the airport floor.
10: To protect our car seats from doggy paws.
11: We keep it in the car for whenever we go to the park!

12: We keep it under our easel at all times for impromptu art sessions.
13: Under our DIY Lego table to catch any stray pieces.
14: A station for sensory play!
15: Lifesaver when we play with play-doh—keeps it from sticking in our carpet!