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Gathre FAQ

Made of vegan leather on top and flocked seude on the bottom, combining the feel of genuine leather and the convenience of faux,

What is Bonded Leather?

Bonded leather is a combination of wipeable synthetic material and genuine leather. These bonded leather mats are beloved by many, because of the beauty and practicality of how these materials work together. The top is a layer of polyurethane, which makes it wipeable and water-resistant. The backside is a sturdy, textured leather material that works inside your home. Our bonded leather contains 72% PU leather and 28% genuine leather fibers.

What is the underside of the mat?

The bottom side of the mat is a durable textured leather material that can get wet as well as be cleaned. We like to think of it like the bottom of a shoe. It is understood it will be used, worn, and even get dirty.

How do I clean the mat?

Spot treat on the top and bottom sides of the mat. Using a paper towel or wet rag, clean off the area until the mess is gone. Always allow the mat to dry completely before putting it away to prevent any unwanted mold. Make sure to use caution at all times on the mats, as we cannot be held responsible for damage done after the mat has been used.

Can I wash the mat?

Do not machine wash. Follow the directions above to spot clean.

Is there a way to get the wrinkles out?

Yes. Laying the mat out flat in the sun for an hour or so can help release wrinkles. You can also steam the underside of the mat. Do not iron.

Is there anything I shouldn't use on my mat?

Avoid acrylic or oil paints. Take note that you do not use markers or ball point pens directly on the mat. And be mindful with scissors and other sharp object as they may cut the mat. Avoid using watercolours on printed mats as they are more sensitive to them. Some sunscreens can also stain the mat, particularly mineral sunscreen. Be sure to take caution when using highly pigmented items on your mat including food and beverages as we cannot be held responsible for damage done after the mat has been used.

Are the mats safe for my children?

Yes. All mats are California Prop 65 compliant and contain no lead or harmful chemicals.