Frequently Asked Questions


What are your safety guidelines?

Safety is priority. Loungers are made in USA hence we need to adhere to US safety guidelines. As recommended by the AAP, never use any baby lounger as a sleep device or unsupervised. Use the Snuggle Me Lounger for actively engaging with your baby during supervised lounging or tummy time. It is important to be in the same room and supervising your baby when using the Snuggle Me. During the night, use safe crib practices and do not use your lounger in, or in place of a crib. Never leave baby unsupervised. Never use in a crib or other sleep device. Never place on soft or uneven surfaces. Baby loungers should not be used as co sleeping devices due to the padded sides. The safest place for a baby to sleep overnight is in a crib with a fitted sheet.

Does it contain flame retardants or harmful chemicals?

Definitely not! Snuggle Me use GOTS organic cotton for all fabrics. The GOTS certification is the highest standard for materials in the world and ensures that zero chemicals are used in the growing process AND the manufacturing process of the fabrics. This certification is much higher than the popular OEKO-TEX certification used more commonly in baby gear. Lounger fills are also free from chemicals and flame retardants.

Have any babies been injured in the Snuggle Me?

To date, no. We have safely sold the Snuggle Me for over 13 years with no incidents reported with the CPSC, Health Canada, or to Snuggle Me Hotline.

Are the loungers breathable?

Yes, the Snuggle Me uses organic cotton and polyester fill which are known for their breathability and temperature regulation.

Can you use the Snuggle Me for co-sleeping?

That's a great question! Guidelines changed in 2017 around the use of padded loungers for co-sleeping. It is now recommended that padded loungers only be used for supervised uses. The Snuggle Me Lounger is not a sleeping device and should not be used for co-sleeping.


What are Snuggle Me products made from?

GOTS organic certified cotton because it holds the highest standard in the world for fabrics. For fills, it's polyester fiber with zero added chemicals or flame retardants. This combo makes all loungers machine washable!

What inspired creation of the Snuggle Me?

Mia created the Snuggle Me in 2007 after having twin boys. She struggled juggling both of their needs and the needs of a toddler at the same time. She told her family that all she needed was someone to come in and just HOLD a baby. They got to work and designed a portable nest that would simulate the feeling of being held. It was the very first baby lounger, a brand new category of product.


If not used for overnight, how can I use the Snuggle Me?

Any time you need an extra set of arms to hold your baby, you can use the Snuggle Me Lounger.

How should my baby be positioned in the Snuggle Me?

Place your baby in the lounger with their bottom up to the end of the lounger and drape their legs over the end. This position helps prevent them from rolling or turning and also helps with circulation. Watch positioning guide for more guidance.

Can you use the Snuggle Me without a cover?

Yes, you definitely can! However, having a cover will reduce the amount of washing that the lounger itself needs. It is MUCH easier to wash the cover than the entire lounger. We usually recommend having 2 covers so that you can use one while the other is in the wash. For even more protection, grab one of our organic puddle pads!

Why is the middle of the lounger unpadded?

The middle is meant to be unpadded so that it can act like a sling to pull the sides in to hold baby and help them feel held.

Will this help avoid plagiocephaly or flat head?

It will keep baby's head in a curve shape which helps.

What about healthy hip development?

The Snuggle Me cradles baby’s back and helps elevate their legs, which is the preferred position for healthy hip development in newborns. Allow baby’s legs to pull up as they did when they were in the womb. Do not swaddle or restrict their hips. This helps prevent hip dysplasia.

How long can baby use the infant lounger?

Babies will fit into the lounger until their butts come up onto the end of the lounger when laying all the way down in the lounger. This usually happens around the 6-9 month mark. After this, babies can still use it while propped up onto the end until a few years of age. If using propped, please only use on the floor as baby will easily be able to kick or crawl out.

My cover is too big for the lounger, is this normal?

The cover is meant to fit a bit bigger than the lounger so that as baby grows, the cover isn't stretched too thin or pulls the sides of the lounger too tightly. If the cover is a little bunchy, you can try tucking the ends under the lounger for a tighter fit.

Do you think the Puddle Pad is necessary?

We love the puddle pad because it is designed for handle small spills and protect the lounger. It is not waterproof but really helps reduce the leaks to the lounger. It is not waterproof on purpose to allow the surface to remain breathable.

Is the Puddle Pad waterproof?

The pad is not meant to be waterproof so that the entire lounger and covers stay breathable for safety. Instead, it is made with a super absorbent cotton that is meant to help with small spills, leaks, and accidents but is still easily washable!


How do I wash my Snuggle Me items?

All items are machine washable! The loungers, covers, and nursing pillow can be washed on COLD with mild detergent (avoid getting detergent onto the actual products). Do not use an agitator if possible with the loungers/nursing pillows as this can shift the filling. We recommend a detergent free of optical brighteners.

Dry your items on COOL (any heat could potentially shrink cotton). To be completely safe, air dry your items. Covers should be laid flat to dry, as hanging can cause the fabric to stretch. See our washing and care video for more.


The stuffing in my lounger has shifted, how can I fix this?

The filling can shift during washing or from baby’s head/legs pushing against the edges but it can be refluffed! Watch this video on how to reshape your lounger.