Inner Pile Bath Towel Charcoal (Pre-order Dec)

Voluminous but soft. A towel combining the best of gauze and pile.

The Inner pile Towel by Shinto Towel is developed by an original technology that sandwiches a pile gauze on both sides. Slowly made by a skilled craftsman who takes the time and effort to weave on an old-fashioned shuttle machine, the result is a soft touch blanket or towel that has high water absorption.

Traditional shuttle looms are expertly operated by hand, taking time and care to produce INNER PILE. This towel has two outer layers of baby-soft gauze with an inner layer of highly absorbent pile. Use it after bathing or washing, to cover your pillow or as a blanket—thick and fluffy yet soft and light, this is a reinvention of the classic towel.

- Made in Japan
- 100% organic cotton
- 63cmx130cm